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Maximum Power (Pmax) 545W

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 49.68V

Short Circuit Current (Isc) 13.71A

Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp) 41.18V

Current at Maximum Power (Imp) 13.24A

Module Efficiency: 21.09%

Operating Temperature -40° C~+85°C



Maximum Power (Pmax/W): 408W

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 45.71V

Short Circuit Current (Isc): 11.44A

Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp): 37.94V

Current at Maximum Power (Imp): 10.77A



Cell Type: 182×91mm Mono

Cell Orientation: 144(6×24)

Module Dimensions 2279×1134×35mm

Weight: 29.0kg



12-year product warranty

25-year linear power warranty

Haitai Tier 1 Solar Panel - Mono 545W

R1 950,00Price

    Haitai 545W Half-cut Mono Perc Panels is a solar panel that has an efficiency of 21.09%. Haitai solar panels are an ideal, and affordable, renewable energy solution for anyone looking to reduce their electrical bills. 545W Haitai solar panels are the perfect solution for your home.

    Haitai Taiji series  545W Half-cut solar Panel, a mono facial high-efficiency PV module are made by Haitai Solar. Haitai Solar panels are made from high-quality materials that last. 

    The Haitai 545W solar panel is a Tier 1 solar panel that can help you reduce your reliance on the grid, or go off-grid altogether. Solar panels home are the future of power.

     It is a Haitai Solar Tier 1 solar panel, meaning it is one of the best solar panels for sale. It has an efficiency rating of 21.09%.  Solar Panels are the future! The Haitai Solar panels are solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. Our Haitai 545W Mono Perc solar panel is the perfect addition to your solar power systems. Haitai HTHM-545W Mono Half-Cell 72 Solar Panel is the perfect solution to get started with solar power.

    Haitai Solar Tier 1

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